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Saturday, November 11, 2023

Peter Santenenllo: America's Underdog City


[VIDEO] Good afternoon and happy Veteran's Day.

I'm semi familiar with Milwaukee, Wisconsin having visited relatives up there over the years. Can't say that we've had the opportunity to really look around that great city. I almost consider that city Chicago's cousin. Both cities lie on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Milwaukee is a large city that has issues like many others. They have issues of crime and of course economic development. There are issues that involve race and one word that comes from that is "redlining" where you will have difficulty getting loans not exactly based on race, but where you reside.

We see Peter Santenello go around Milwaukee and meet some of its people with Fred who runs which is a merch site. We see the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly the same thing most cities have. It's great to see them make plans for an outdoor soccer stadium within the city.

Just a fascinating look about a city I've visited a number of times in the past.

BTW, who knows about the St. Joan of Arc Chapel located on the campus of Milwaukee's Marquette University which was dismantled in France and brought to Milwaukee to be rebuilt there.

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