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Monday, September 18, 2023

Trains Are Awesome: The “Secret” Subway Under the US Capitol


[VIDEO] Perhaps another thing worth taking a look at when I do some traveling.

One thing on my list is the visit the US Capitol and Thom at the YouTube channel Trains Are Awesome does that and explains that no one should be at the Capitol Grounds without an escort, especially if they're not working there.

If you as a citizen want to visit the Capitol then you should make arrangements with your Member of Congress. That is your Representative or Senator, I'll link to examples from Illinois and that's something I plan to do when I visit D.C. in the near future. Especially take in a session of both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate.

Now as Thom refers to the Capitol Subway is a means to help keep the country running. The US Congress is America's national legislature and this transportation system is a means to ensure that these legislators are able to make crucial votes. Of course I'm not trying to determine what's crucial or not.

And yeah I know there are many in America who's not happy with Congress right now.

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