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Friday, December 9, 2022

Mr. Beat on Dwight Eisenhower


[VIDEO] One of Mr. Beat's videos discusses the 34th POTUS Dwight David Eisenhower. He's known for being one of the many five-star generals of the second World War. He was in command of the Allied forces that landed on Normandy Beach in France. He was elected President of the United States in 1952 served between 1953 to 1961.

He was the President during the start of the Cold War against the communist Soviet Union. He addressed issues of Civil Right as president sending federal troops to Little Rock, Arkansas to integrate the public schools. It was under him that the Interstate Highway system was first constructed. His presidency proved to be a stabilizing influence in a critical time.

Of course how he to to where he was from his humble roots in Kansas to going to West Point to his career in the US Army and then his presidency. Very fascinating look.

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Private school student dean teaches students about about "queer sex"

 I'll just share a link to this via Newsalert. There they show a video of a dean at Francis Parker School in Chicago discuss handing out sexual materials to his young students.

I find this repugnant. We're talking about a private school not a private college although it wouldn't even be appropriate there also. We're talking K-12 and discussing students playing around with "sex toys". This is a private school.

Of course the issue we often hear about take place in public schools. I suppose that's my perception of this type of news, perhaps it's safe to say it's everywhere. The answer for many who are concerned about what's going on in public school is to put them into a private school perhaps that's not even an easy answer anymore.

A wise thing for a parent to do when possible - because well I have concede parents may have the excuse of not having any time - vet any school you plan to send your children. Public or private, you must be as sure that not only are your children learning what they're supposed to learn (reading, writing, and arithmetic), they also aren't subjected to sexual material like this.

This isn't just about queer sex, any sexual material beyond what is age appropriate.

Alas the school itself appears to have dug in on the controversy.

Monday, December 5, 2022

Ken Coleman: Why degrees are worthless in the new economy


[VIDEO] What is the worth of college degrees in the new economy? What is the new economy?

Ken Coleman of Ramsey Solutions (and you've seen videos from Dave Ramsey here overtime) discusses the "waning worth of college degrees". He may say these trends predate the coronavirus pandemic. He calls into question the college ranking system as he cites a report that Carleton College in Minnesota claims they're #1 in teaching.

My read is that perhaps the public is generally waking up to the idea that the college degree isn't worth the push it's been getting at least over the last 20 years. It's not worth the rising tuition and by extension the debt. It's OK to question the value or even what you're supposed to get from a degree.

Friday, December 2, 2022

Politico: Supreme Court agrees to decide fate of Biden’s student debt relief

 If you're still concerned about the Biden admin's student debt relief which got suspended due to court challenges, the Supreme Court will resolve this at some point. Via Politico:

The court on Thursday deferred a ruling on the administration’s emergency request to immediately reinstate its debt relief program. Instead, the court said, the justices will hear arguments on the matter next year.

The case will “be argued in the February 2023 argument session,” the court said in a one-page order. No justice noted any dissent to the court’s decision not to immediately grant the Biden administration’s application to move forward with the debt relief program now.

Putting the case on the docket for the current court term means a decision is likely by June, if not earlier.

The Supreme Court’s decision to fast-track arguments about the legality of Biden’s debt relief plan comes just several months after he first announced it in August following months of pressure from progressives. Conservative groups and Republican state officials have filed a wave of legal challenges to stop Biden’s debt relief.

Meanwhile, get those loans paid off. Uncle Sam isn't coming to your rescue.

Oh yeah, bear in mind the Biden admin has again put federal student loan payments on pause through June 2023.

Also from Politico:

The Supreme Court said it would address two questions: whether the Republican attorneys general have standing to bring the case in the first place and “whether the plan exceeds the Secretary’s statutory authority or is arbitrary and capricious.”

Thursday, December 1, 2022

CBS Chicago: Former POTUS Obama honored with historical marker in Springfield.


[VIDEO] In 2007, then US Sen. Barack Obama announced his successful campaign for President of the United states at the old state capitol in Springfield, Illinois. Of course as we know Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States. Another historical note in the above TV report from WBBM-TV, Abraham Lincoln started his road to the White House from this same building. It was here in this building that he served in the Illinois General Assembly.

Well if I ever go to Springfield this is one sight I want to visit and share on my YouTube channel.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Student loan payment pause extended thru June 2023


[VIDEO] Via CBS Miami. If you have federal student loans there is yet another pause in restarting payments through June 2023. Originally you would have to start making payments to federal student loans in January 2023.

This is one consequence of the student loan forgiveness which was blocked by a federal court ruling. $10K was to be forgiven up to $20K was forgiven if you held a pell grant.

Also of note the federal student loan repayment was paused during the coronavirus pandemic starting in 2020 and since Joe Biden had become President in 2021 the pause had been occasionally extended.

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Mr. Beat: Michigan's Lower & Upper Peninsula


[VIDEO] I was always curious about Michigan. It's almost as if it's two separate halves an upper and lower peninsula. Of course the lower peninsula has major cities such as Detroit, Flint, Lansing - Michigan's state capital, Grand Rapids, etc. So what is the difference between the upper and lower peninsulas of this state. In fact why was Michigan's map drawn this way.

Well I hope Mr. Beat can answer those questions.