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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Governor's mansion history from Curbed...

I liked this history of the state's Governor's Mansion and of all the work done to that Springfield house since it was first built. Of course all is noted in light of the renovations that will start this month and end just in time for the holidays. Via Curbed Chicago
One thing to remember is that Gov. J.B. Pritzker will pay for these renovations out of his pocket!

Monday, October 21, 2019

No resolution to the teacher's strike yet...

Rich Miller shares a quick response to Mayor Lori Lightfoot's attempt to end the strike and get teachers back in classrooms.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Teacher's strike started on Thursday

[VIDEO] I shot this video wating for a bus in front of CPS HQ on Thursday morning when the strike started. It's amazing that the crowd grew as the day went on from this small group to shutting down Madison Street on that day. I'll share an IG post of this.

What's inside of the White House

[VIDEO] After many trips to Washington, DC over the years back in 2006 I was able to tour the White House. The tour I had back then never took me to the West Wing and the Oval Office which would've been cool.

This video above shows you the layout of the White House in addition to both the west and east wings of the complex. I wouldn't mind going on a tour of the White House again in the future. Perhaps this could be another "field trip" for this blog...

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Frank I Bennett elementary gets a new electronic sign

I've been wanting to get a pic of the new signage outside of Bennett Elementary and did so this past weekend. Too bad that the electronic sign outside of Bennett's main entrance isn't on at all. Is it even on during school days? What information is presented on this board?
Also this on the front fence of Bennett School near the main entrance. It reflects Bennett's new identity Bennett Pride. Hand made letters which is certainly a nice touch.
However, I'm old school and will continue to consider myself a badger. 😛

Prager U on Frederick Douglass

[VIDEO] This video from Prager U of anti-slavery and civil rights activist Frederick Douglass reminds me of the book we had been assigned in the 8th grade. It was Douglass' autobiography:
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave. Written by Himself.

Thank goodness for the internet as this book is in the public domain. You can read it off the internet and not get hit because of copyright and probably publish your own copy of his book if you want! 

This vid was presented by Timothy Sadefur author of Frederick Douglass Self-Made Man.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

#Grouch and SNL ruins a childhood classic

[VIDEO] Presumably this sketch aired recently on Saturday Night Live and it's based on the long running PBS children's TV program Seasame Street. This sketch actually parodies Joker which is currently out at a theater near you.

This was another TV program that as a child I was able to get away with watching. These days I hardly watch the show, and perhaps it's because I believe the hype about some aspects of their political based humor. It might just be because longtime producer Lorne Michaels doesn't like improv. All the same some aspects of the comedy on SNL is often formulaic and flat. Simply put I feel as if I've seen the same type of sketch over and over again.

Either way, this sketch works in spite of the title. Many of the muppets have human counterparts in this film. The Count, Big Bird, Bert & Ernie, Cookie Monster, and even Elmo makes an appearance in this film. We hear a very dramatic rendition of the Sesame Street theme as it sounds so dark and gritty. 😂

The title character of Grouch is a man named Oscar who fulfills the "Joker" role. Although I don't think of Oscar in the same vein as Joker. I feel like in dark way Grouch is more of a hero than exists in the Joker movie.

If they made this film in real life not just a sketch, I'd pay to see it. Hopefully David Harbour who plays Grouchy in this sketch would become part of it! 

Teacher's strike: Small number of Chicago voters oppose strike

I'm posting this now although this is a late 9:00 AM post because it's important. Rich Miller posted about a poll with regards to whether or not Chicagoans oppose a teacher's strike. Only 38% oppose a teacher's strike.
How does Lori Lightfoot as Mayor of Chicago settle this?

Friday, October 11, 2019

Capitol Fax: CTU wants to negotiate affordable housing issues

I'm sorry to have missed this from Wednesday. Chicago's teachers want to address the issue of affordable housing for CPS students and their families. Of course the city doesn't think contract negotiations were the right place to address this issue. Via Capitol Fax

Thursday, October 10, 2019

WTTW: What’s Next in Lead-Up to a Chicago Teachers Strike?

Still some more news as we head to an October 17th deadline for a teacher's strike. This is a portion of what's next from Chicago Tonight:
The Chicago Teachers Union has set a strike date of Oct. 17, but the deadline for the city to come to a deal with the 25,000-member union may be sooner.

This year, the union’s 700-member House of Delegates – which represents teachers across the city – passed a resolution requiring CTU leadership to bring any tentative deals back to an emergency meeting of those delegates. Those members would then decide whether to call off a strike.

Theoretically, this means even if a contract deal is reached at the 11th hour, teachers could be on the picket lines Oct. 17, and remain there until delegates have reviewed the contract and decided whether to accept the city’s offer.

Sources in CTU say members were angered when, in 2016, union leadership called off a strike after reaching a deal right around the midnight deadline. Some teachers woke up and went to the classroom – instead of the picket line – without knowing the terms of the deal; others were angered at the content of the deal and the fact that CTU had called off the strike without their input.
Very interesting. I still hope there will be no strike.

It's hockey season...

[VIDEO] Which is my excuse to share this throwback this morning. The station WBKB channel 7 is now WLS and they did a 50 min special about the Chicago Black Hawks back in 1964.

Back then the NHL only had six teams. The Black Hawks had won a Stanley Cup three years earlier. And I'm sure their old home Chicago Stadium features as they show the team's fanbase. It's interesting to see the many old players including one Stan Mikita who passed away last year.

I just wonder how popular hockey was in the 1960s as opposed to now. I'm guessing at this point there was a world of difference.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Chicago's teachers: What are the issues?

I know I've kept on eye on this strike talk for at least the past month. WBEZ has a page that let's you know what the issues are between the city and the Chicago Teachers Union. Perhaps in the posts I've published so far perhaps you've seen some discussion on them.

Mr. Beat presents Plessy v. Ferguson...

[VIDEO] This recent video from Mr. Beat talks about the landmark 1896 case of Plessy vs. Ferguson which establishes the principle of "separate but equal". The decision in this case essentially upheld the constitutionality of racial segregation. This case is over racial accomodations on a train. This case has been referred to as one of the worse decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Until watching this video I was woefully ignorant of this case. It's interesting that a man named Plessy in addition to a conductor and a police detective knew that Plessy was "colored". They knew what law to pick to arrest him as he wasn't in the appropriate accommodations for those who are "colored" or Black. It's also interesting that the railroad didn't really want to spend money to provide separate accommodations on their trains between Blacks and whites. Ahhh I see what's going on, this was "civil disobedience" the arrest of Plessy was staged to provoke a court case.

Another interesting piece of trivia with regards to this case, the lone dissenter in this case is a Justice of SCOTUS named John Marshall Harlan. He's the namesake of a certain high school in Chicago's 9th Ward - GO FALCONS!

If you decide to study pol. sci. you might have to take constitutional law as a course or perhaps even as a requirement for your degree. Who knows you may have to study this case...

Monday, October 7, 2019

Before the strike news...

[VIDEO] The video above is from this past saturday showing CTU paraprofessionals rallying at Rainbow Push claiming they don't make enough to comfortably live in the city.

Meanwhile as negotiations more forward ahead of the set October 17th deadline according to the Tribune:
The CTU has set an Oct. 17 deadline for CPS and teachers to reach a deal on a new contract. If not, they can go on strike, disrupting the school year for thousands of public school pupils across the city.

Lightfoot said she wants to reach an agreement that would prevent that from happening, but she’s concerned that the city has not received a detailed formal response to its proposal.

“We can’t bargain against ourselves,” Lightfoot said. “We need to have them at the table with a comprehensive counteroffer. … If we do that we can get there.”

The teachers union fired back on Twitter, saying: “We were showing urgency about a fair contract before the mayor was mayor. City Hall and CPS didn’t show urgency until 94% of our membership voted to strike.”

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