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Friday, April 9, 2021

How to avoid student loans?

This advice, from Dave Ramsey is good advice. Taken from his ig stories. It’s advice I could’ve used many years ago. If you take some time off to slow down instead trying to do it in four years you might be better for it. 


Meet some of the last papyrus paper makers


[VIDEO] Why is this of interest to me?

Well back in the 6th grade a teacher Ms. Henson had us do an assignment where we make our own papyrus. We separated a two-ply facial issue and dipped it in a bowl mixed with school glue and water. We would then take those pieces of tissue, we probably squeezed them as those people in the video above did and then place them on a piece of wax paper.

I think we could write on them although there wasn't much success with that on my end. It was such a cool exercise that years later I tried it again at home. Separated two ply Kleenex facial tissue dipped them in school glue water and then place the results on facial tissue.

Using the techniques seen in this vide they use a press to squeeze out water and then place them in between piece of cardboard to further dry the papers. And it's amazing that the papyrus plant was nearly extinct until an academic was able to replant papyrus in Egypt. It's also amazing that while papyrus was used for anything from shopping lists to legal documents over 5,000 years ago that in this video we see it's use as a medium for artwork.

It's also amazing that the making of papyrus is a sort of tourist attraction in Egypt.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Mr. Beat asks "Why do we work 40 hours per week?"


[VIDEO] We go from hunter/gatherers to farming to the Industrial Revolution. And the Industrial Revolution was definitely a difficult era long hours to manufacture goods and products in a factory. Mr. Beat talks about the creation of unions and how we eventually get weekends and more manageable work schedules.

Of course he seems to editorialize and discusses in what ways do school teachers not have it easy workwise. And how employers get leverage to treat their employees like "crap". And we do get a picture how during the heat of the Industrial Revolution how harsh conditions were.

Children and wives were forced to work when the men or husbands of the house weren't able to work due to a workplace related injuries. There weren't a lot of safety nets nor any workman's compensation once upon a time. And yet in our society you still got to keep a roof over your head and most important you still have to eat.

There is a Chicago connection to Mr. Beat's lesson. He discusses the Haymarket affair. You can visit the site near Randolph and Jefferson where there is a memorial to this incident in 1886. In this incident seven people were killed when a bomb was set off, it's also considered a very deadly day for Chicago Police even to this day. We still don't know who set off the bomb however a number of people were executed for their role in this incident.

As an aside, Marathon Pundit recently discussed a memorial that was originally in the Haymarket area until 1972. It's really a memorial to the police officers who were killed in that incident and according to John Ruberry it's considered endangered. The memorial itself is said to be located at the new police headquarters at 35th & State.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Racist math?


[VIDEO] While this video from Bill O'Reilly's TV program mentions Oregon specifically they talk about other programs in states such as Illinois, North Carolina, and California about this new "woke" learning. Basically there is no such thing as a right or wrong answer in mathematics. Math is not going to be a technical skill to be taught it becomes a skill in ethics and civics.

Strange huh? Two plus two equals four right and let me spell it out more technically 2+2=4 right? Well if you answer 5 instead then you're not wrong. If anyone says that's wrong, you're a racist...

If you believe the Heritage Foundation's Jonathan Butcher what's being reflected in K-12 education was already being seen in higher education. And I've long learned some crazy ideas were being promoted in higher education. Also that professors in higher education are promoting certain ideas to impressionable college students who should be able to disseminate material and determine their validity.

If this is the direction K-12 is going, I'm glad I don't have any children in school right now. I really got to do some research on this "critical race theory".

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

John Stossel: Woke colleges vs. testing


[VIDEO] The argument here is whether or not colleges should dispense with the SAT or ACT in order to provide for an ethnically diverse student body. There are cases out there involving the discrimination of Asian students from getting admitted and attending some of America's more elite universities.

One interesting fact noted high school GPA and test scores help to determine college success. More so than just relying on tests or GPA. 

On diversity. Well I think it's OK to insure that students of a variety of backgrounds can get into the colleges of their choice. I'm not only talking race or ethnicity, let's include economic background which is something we do need to discuss as tuition continues to go up. Either way you can accept a student who won't be successful in some colleges or you can reject a student who isn't likely to be successful in some colleges. When you reject that student they can go somewhere so that they can be successful, and perhaps more affordable also.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Mr. Beat: Top 10 U.S. Supreme Court justices in history


[VIDEO] I've yet to watch this video, however, I'm curious was his choices are for this video. You'r favorite social studies "edutuber" is back this morning.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

What about these student loans?

 Well I'm sure even in the middle of a pandemic there are high school juniors and seniors who could use this information right now. If college is in your plan then this graphic from personal finance guru Dave Ramsey is something you should look into. My advice pay for your college in cash and you don't need prestige so while it's nice to go to Morehouse, Spelman, Harvard, Yale or Princeton don't think about how much money you can make in the future. Think about whether or not you can afford going to college without having to incur debt to do so.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

R.I.P. Bill Campbell

This was in the news last Thursday the passing of longtime ABC 7 Chicago/WLS-TV personality Bill Campbell. Campbell was an alumni of both Harlan High School and Bennett Elementary School. He was 70, back in 2017 it was noted in the press then that he had suffered a stroke and there was a GoFundMe established to support his convalescence at the time.

He is noted as an alum of Bennett School even in the comments section to this post by Robert Feder and in some fb groups for Bennett-Shedd.

Bill Campbell, who served as director of editorials and community services over a 32-year career at ABC-owned WLS-Channel 7, was best known for his long run as host and producer of the weekly public affairs show “Chicagoing.”

The longtime Evanston resident died Wednesday at a Symphony Care Network nursing home in Chicago after a long illness, according to his family. He was 70.

Friends generated a GoFundMe page to help defray medical costs after Campbell suffered a stroke in 2017.

Born on Chicago’s South Side, Campbell was the son of a chemist father and visual artist mother. After graduating from John Marshall Harlan High School and Carleton College in Minnesota, he worked as a staff assistant to the administrative assistant to Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley and director of communications for the Chicago Urban League.

He joined ABC 7 in 1978 and spent his first 10 years at the station writing and delivering on-air editorials — expressing the views of station management on critical issues of the day — which he taped on location.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Mr. Beat: How to Spot Logical Fallacies


[VIDEO] I'm sure that if you take a course in critical thinking or logic at any point in your life, especially a philosophy course with such a basis in undergrad you might run into this. Mr. Beat an edu-tuber takes a look at a Joe Rogan podcast with radio host Ben Shapiro taking a look at all the logical fallacies that he identifies during the course of that podcast. The duration of this vid is 30 mins.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

A student with a ZERO GPA...


[VIDEO] When I was at Harlan I saw an article it was possibly in the Chicago Sun-Times or perhaps another lesser known newspaper, however, I saw in that article that in another high school in the city - possibly somewhere on the north and west sides if I recall - showed me something unusual. I thought it was a scandal at the time that this high school's valedictorian and salutatorian GPA didn't even break 3.0 they were still within the 2.0 range and if I recall correctly may not have even reached 2.5....

Now in this case dude isn't at a 1.0 and he didn't half want to come to class. Mother had no real idea where he was in school. And this is a systemic problem students aren't learning, they're not coming to class. In a school over 400 students only two were proficient in Math and English. Perhaps at that Chicago high school long ago this was the same situation.

I reiterate what I said over a month ago about plans by NYC's public schools to eventually eliminate their top programs for the best students. These are what public education needs to fulfill their mission, and as for these other schools that aren't able to do the job something has to be done with them. The idea of compulsory education isn't going away soon, but it makes no sense to have our young people sent to schools where they're woefully unprepared for the real world.

Anthony Brian Logan will get very upset at the school and the mother of this child that's failing at school and he really can't contain his temper.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Home Management: Buying Food


[VIDEO] I wonder how many generations of home economics students watch this film in a classroom. When I was in high school one of my teachers stated that home economics were obsolete. The only thing I knew about home ec. is that a classmate was bragging on a taco he made and ate in class.

I wonder how many students have no clue about how to efficiently use their funds. Sometimes I'm not as smart with my money, however, I'm learning. One thing that would be very important about home ec. is certainly personal finance.

Perhaps part of home ec. if you ever teach about this in school is to show them how to manage your funds when you're in college. In real life outside of a college campus you have to manage your funds to pay other bills such as rent/mortgage, utilities, car notes, etc.

Of course as this video states part of personal finance is to avoid impulse buying of foods. Buy items that you're not likely to waste later. And especially consider the quality of the foods you're buying.

BTW, in lieu of home ec. we had a unit in "consumer education" which would often be taught within a social studies course (yes I'm talking about the 1990s I don't know what they do in 2021). To be fair our teacher at Harlan - Go Falcons - a man by the name of Mr. Ross at Harlan who taught my psychology class did the best he could with what we're supposed to learn, however, it just went over my head to be honest.