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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Mr. Beat: Cleveland & Detroit compared


[VIDEO] Cleveland, Ohio is compared with Detroit, Michigan. Both cities have experienced declines in the last half of the 20th Century. Both are poised to do better in the 21st and they're also midwestern cities such as Chicago or Milwaukee or St. Louis, etc.

Another fun fact of both cities at one point both of them were among the top 10 largest cities in the nation. Detroit was #5 and at one point Cleveland was #7 however now they're #24 & #54 respectively. Both were heavily industrialized with Detroit being dominated by the automobile industry and Cleveland had a history with that also.

Those facts including former Iraqi President Dictator Saddam Hussein receiving a key to the city of Detroit by Mayor Coleman Young and many more in this latest compared video from Mr. Beat.

I want these kids to learn some geography darn it! 

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Constitution Day


[VIDEO] While it seems as of late the US Constitution is under attack by various forces - and many of them are marching the streets who don't care about free expression or even due process - it's something we should celebrate. While most seem to haggle over the ethnicity or race of the men who wrote the constitution in the 18th century, John Stossel in the video above notes the humility of the men who wrote that document to write what they had in the supreme law of the land.

What is your favorite part of the constitution? Some noted the amendments like the first or second or even the ninth or tenth amendments. Some noted that the constitution itself can be amended. In my opinion the US Constitution is very easy to understand, every state has a constitution and quite a few of them are very long compared to the federal constitution.

Of course one aspect of the US Constitution is that all powers not in the hands of the federal gov't is left to the states. That's probably why state constitutions may not always have the simplicity of the US Constitution. States have to take on the responsibilities that the US gov't isn't always able to handle. Think about it, while the federal gov't has many law enforcement agencies there's not such thing as a federal police to police the entire nation.

So while many BBQ for Labor Day, why not have a BBQ for Constitution Day.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Daily Dose of Internet: How astronauts use the bathroom


[VIDEO] Owing to becoming a Star Trek fan one aspiration I had was being an astronaut. One early goal that I had before life took over was to fly on the space shuttle. Perhaps there's a child out there who aspires to fly in space themselves and hopefully they want to fly with a company such as Space X.

So this is why today's Daily Dose of Internet. How many of you wondered how does an astronaut use the bathroom in space? The first portion you see today in this video is exactly that. How does a person use the bathroom in weightlessness?

As always I hope that you learned something new in this video or it made your day just a bit better. Thats what you hear at the end of the video anyway after you've been thoroughly entertained. 

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Make some cheese


[VIDEO] This video is something different for this morning and somewhat reminds me of what you might find watching PBS or WTTW on Saturday's. Though probably not quite like this going so retro to show how people used to live centuries ago.

I shared a video a few days ago about a YouTuber's effort to help insure that the hungry will be provided for. This video is a bit different it shows how people provided for themselves in a different century. Here they show how everyday people made cheese.

It reminds me of a field trip back in the day where our class went to Lincoln Park Zoo and there was a farm exhibit there that shows how our food is raised. It showed the many byproducts of cows or chickens which of course includes the meat. 

In this video we see how everyday people made cheese back in the day. And lets say if you listen and watch Deanna Berkemeier of Genesee Country Village & Museum in Mumford, NY you can make your own cheese at home today and using the dairy products you can buy at your grocery store. You don't just have to buy your cheese at the grocery store no more than you must buy your food prepared by someone else.

Friday, September 4, 2020

98th & Cottage Grove #fbf

Via Chicago History Today

It's amazing to see how this part of Cottage Grove which is basically Pullman looked in 1954. As you check out the blog Chicago History Today you see how much differently this part of the city looks today. Of course we no longer have a streetcar running in the city at all just about 70 years later. And there's a lot more brush and trees covering up the railroad right-of-way these days.

Seeing old photographs of this city just blows me away...

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Daily Dose Of Internet: Hamburger left in a closet for 24 years

[VIDEO] I just got to say how disgusting to see a McDonald's meal that doesn't decompose after 24 years. It doesn't look bad just stale, brittle, dry, and the bread doesn't mold. All of it left in its original packaging. It would be quite a find if it was found in a home that you just moved into. It causes me to wonder what's in the food at a McDonald's that it doesn't in anyway break down.

Of course that and other vids contained therein of an informative, educational or entertainment purposes. As is said in the video, I hope you learn something new or this video had made your day.

I hate to do this a day after sharing a long ago video from Mr. Beast delivering food to North Carolina food pantries.

Monday, August 31, 2020

No one should ever go hungry...

[VIDEO] If I ever come upon a significant amount of cash, one thing I would like to do is donate money to a food bank. I do believe barring anything else, everyone should be able to eat. And I wish I had shared this earlier in the pandemic once the nation started these lockdowns.

Going downtown every now and then you find someone begging for money to eat or asking for food. And it seems as if they have no excuse if there are soup kitchens or food pantries available so that if you're hungry you can eat. No need to beg you will be provided for.

So this is why I'm sharing this video. YouTuber Mr. Beast aka Jimmy Donaldson does a number of outrageous videos and occasionally gives away money to people in challenges. There was one video where he took over a closed bank branch and gave away free money. Of course let me emphasize many of his videos shows a young man having a lot of fun with his friends.

Of course as a young man with over 42 million subscribers he's not doing too bad for himself. And from his activities, he's done well enough to provide over $1 million dollars of food to North Carolina - his home state - food banks.

RELATED LINK: Greater Chicago Food Depository

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Wednesday's Board of Ed. vote on police in schools

Chicago Tribune:
The Chicago Board of Education will enter into another yearlong contract with the Chicago Police Department, this time not to exceed $12.1 million.

In the meantime, the board gave Chicago Public Schools seven months to come up with a comprehensive plan to help schools develop alternative school safety strategies.

As students continued to protest the use of school police outside CPS’s Loop headquarters Wednesday, the board voted 4-2 to approve the contract that will pay for officers to be stationed in more than 50 high schools when they reopen. Elizabeth Todd-Breland and Amy Rome voted no, while Board President Miguel del Valle, Vice President Sendhil Revuluri and members Dwayne Truss and Lucino Sotelo all voted in favor. Luisiana Melendez abstained.

As soon as the votes were in, some of the protesters began chanting the names of the members who favored the contract, cursing them along with Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Chicago Police Department. Youth leaders put out calls for more supporters of police-free schools to show up to CPS headquarters, saying the school board had ignored their voices for too long.
And after reading the rest of this article, probably still a long way from a resolution of this issue. Those who want police out of schools want them out now, they don't want the schools to plan alternate strategies. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Tribune: Chicago police arrest 13 people after tents are set up outside CPS headquarters to protest officers in schools

It seems the demonstrations continue as far as protests with regards to having police officers in school. And it seems that there was a clash involving tents at Chicago Public Schools HQ - 42 W. Madison St.
More than a dozen people were arrested, including two minors, after protesters set up tents outside the Loop headquarters of Chicago Public Schools on Monday to protest the stationing of police officers in schools.

Police said they gave protesters several warnings that the tents outside 42 W. Madison St. were blocking the streets. Those arrested were charged with “illegally obstructing the roadway,” they said.

The protest was the latest call by activists for the removal of Chicago police officers in Chicago public schools. It came days before the Chicago Board of Education is to consider a resolution that could phase out use of officers.

The resolution, up for a vote Wednesday, would “require that the CEO and district leaders, in consultation with school communities, identify and recommend an alternative plan to ensure safe and supportive school environments.”
Monday’s protest drew about 60 people and was organized by the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, Assata’s Daughters, FYSH Youth — HANA Center, STOP Chicago, KINETIC Youth — Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Logan Square Neighborhood Association and Enlace Chicago.
Tweets contained from the write-up at the Tribune

Armstrong Air & Space Museum

[VIDEO] I wanted to share this Armstrong Air & Space Museum in Wapokoneta, Ohio. It basically is a museum to Neil Armstrong and his military, NASA, and aerospace career. Of course you'll see a lot of exhibits related to his time as a NASA astronaut.

Before becoming the first man on the moon Armstrong had been a civilian test pilot and before that he had been a US Navy fighter pilot. One exhibit YouTuber YouTuuba notes was when Armstrong was younger he was able to build a generator.

See the beauty of this internet thing which didn't exist when I was in school is people can take you to places you never know about. What museums exist out there that we have no idea about?

Also note last year the nation celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission where men landed on the moon - our nearest celestial body - for the first time. Something that should be the main exhibit at a museum named for a great figure in the history of space.

I hope you enjoy this brief excursion.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Mr. Beat: Kansas & Nebraska compared

[VIDEO] Well school is going to start soon, so how about we talk about some geography. We compare two Midwestern or Great Plains state of Kansas & Nebraska. "Edutuber" Mr. Beat gives you the lowdown on both states.

I've only passed through both states going further west. Most frequently I've passed through Kansas taking a train to Los Angeles aboard Amtrak's Southwest Chief - and even then we're talking about an overnight ride through the state both ways thus you hardly will see anything unless you wake up early. The only time I've never passed through Nebraska was when I was in the 3rd grade a long time ago and not very memorable other than I could say I passed through.

One thing they got going for them, both states have very friendly people. Illinois could learn something from that. Perhaps so could the rest of these United States.