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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village

The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village are both located in Dearborn, Michigan just outside of Detroit. As a matter of fact you can take Amtrak to Dearborn via the Wolverine services.

Detroit is a tourist attraction for those who like to do urban explorations and me personally I wouldn't mind checkout out the sites of the automobile industry and of Motown Records. Regardless the Ford Museum is one place I would like to visit and ride around on the train around the complex. YouTuuba takes us there.

Here are the four videos of his excursion from earlier this summer and during a pandemic. Once again YouTube will take you places you never knew existed or you knew existed but never had the chance to visit. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Instapundit: Higher Education Bubble Update

"Is this the end of college as we know it?"

The actual article linked is to the Wall Street Journal and unfortunately it's behind a paywall at least Instapundit did a brief excerpt:

Rachael Wittern earned straight As in high school, a partial scholarship to college and then a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. She is now 33 years old, lives in Tampa, earns $94,000 a year as a psychologist and says her education wasn’t worth the cost. She carries $300,000 in student debt.

Dr. Wittern’s 37-year-old husband worked in a warehouse for several years before becoming an apprentice electrician. He expects to earn comparable money when he’s finished—minus the debt. When and if they have children, Dr. Wittern says her advice will be to follow her husband’s path and avoid a four-year degree.
. . .
For more than a century, a four-year college degree was a blue-chip credential and a steppingstone to the American dream. For many millennials and now Gen Z, it has become an albatross around their necks.

Millennials are the most educated generation in the nation’s history, but they are broke compared with their predecessors. So why would they direct their children to take the same path?

“They probably won’t,” says John Thelin, a historian of higher education and professor at the University of Kentucky.

I definitely won't, I don't have children but if I have some money to save for their college I'll help. Of course if their parents are paying their tuition that ideally should limit their options. Also I wouldn't want my children to be burdened with debt, I'd counsel them away from that. 

Daily Dose of Internet: Whale Almost Swallows A Kayaker


[VIDEO] So we start this video off with a whale almost eating a kayaker thankfully the person in the kayak was unharmed. This among other videos that make your day or you can learn from.

BTW, Daily Dose is now at 10 millions subscribers on YouTube. He calls them 10 million friends. He creates great content that I enjoy sharing with you all. Perhaps you're subscribed already, hopefully you are. If not then hopefully you will.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Mr. Beat U.S. state flag tier list


[VIDEO] This is a live video which will begin streaming at 9:00 PM C.S.T. Mr. Beat will look at the design of state flags and will certainly look at the new Mississippi flag. I would be very curious about how he ranks the flags as opposed to Geography King.

And sorry about the Mr. Beat overdrive especially before the election which while there is a declared winner - mostly from the media - we see there are some disputes. It might be a minute before it settles.

Ranking the 50 state flags


[VIDEO] The Geography King on YouTube is discussing what he considers the worst to best designed state flags and including the District of Columbia - the flag of our nation's capital. I think Illinois ranks in the middle somewhere ahead of Iowa as he thinks the Illinois flag seemed designed by a professional. He seems to think a few of the state flags were designed by elementary school students. His opinion of course.

And I share this video with you for a good reason and by about 7:00 PM you will see why. I hope you enjoy this video and perhaps you might have state flags you might consider your favorite.

BTW, since this video was published last year one state - Mississippi - has changed their flag from the design you see here. Rightfully the flag of the Confederacy is considered by Geography King as a symbol of rebellion against the US. Many popularly consider the Confederacy a racist notion, however, I'm not really trying to start a debate over it. Just note that the flag of Mississippi has since been changed during the course of 2020.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

"Defund college"


[VIDEO] John Stossel takes a look at Yale University in Connecticut. Yale gets tax breaks which allows them to spend their money in any way they want, however, the town of New Haven has a budget shorfall. Also another consideration in this is student loans.

Well it's hilarious that an Ivy League school known for enrolling wealthy students have student loans, however, collection of student loans are important revenue for schools. It's another means to subsidize these universities.

I'm going to say again we went college crazy in this nation. There needs to be some reform and to the point where a bachelor's degree has some value. Not only that we need end the dependence of student loans.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Daily Dose of Internet on Election Day


[VIDEO] Well this post will be published on Election Day not the video which was shared yesterday. We start off with a man deep frying water amongst other things that I hope you will enjoy in this over three min. video.

I hope you vote tomorrow and whatever the results here's hoping for the best as this year has been nutty.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Mr. Beat: How to Predict Who Will Win the Next Election

[VIDEO] Well it starts off with Mr. Beat and his guest Ethan talking about who they think will win in 2020, however, that revelation was censored. They further go over playing with this online game called Campaign Trail which you're free to play.

Mr. Beat and Ethan were talking about the various elections they played with in American history. The results they had were quite surprising.

I may need to check out Ethan's channel Let's Talk Elections. He's a young man already interested in politics.

Also watch the vid for the various rules governing how they are able to predict who'll win next week. And then after that vote and we'll see what the results will turn up.

I think that should end this week's Mr. Beat binge....

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Mr. Beat on the 2016 Presidential Election


[VIDEO] I guess we're binge watching Mr. Beat videos. I'm doing this because next week we're having a Presidential Election. We're in unprecedented times so the public is encouraged to vote early whether by mail, absentee, or even vote early. Many still like myself plans to vote on Election Day.

So to see where we are right now in 2020 politically we should revisit the 2016 election. Although 62,980,160 popular votes were cast for Donald Trump and Mike Pence they won the election with 304 electoral votes due to the quirky nature of the electoral college. The runner ups was Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine with 65,845,063 popular votes cast and the main thing is that they had only 227 electoral votes. In the electoral college you need 270 votes to win outright. The number of popular votes you win matters less if you don't have enough electoral votes.

2016 was one of those odd elections accordingly. President Trump is the first President to have had very little political experience before his election. Indeed he had never ever held elective office before he took the oath of office in January 2017.

On the other hand former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was touted as well qualified - not only was she the former first lady of the United States she was also a US Senator from New York - she was also the first woman to secure a major party nomination for President. As it turned out this was an history election of sorts regardless.

I'll let Mr. Beat give you the run down of 2016. I wonder how he might recap the 2020 elections once the tally is finally counted.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Mr. Beat: Why the Electoral College is terrible?


[VIDEO] To set up for tomorrow's post which I will make live at 9:00 AM Tuesday, I will today share Mr. Beat's video from almost two years ago about his criticisms of the Electoral College. 

While voters right now are voting early or by mail to cast their ballots or waiting until Election Day to make their choices for President of the United States know one thing. When we cast our ballot for President Donald Trump & his running mate Vice President Mike Pence or for former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate US Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif) and of course whatever other third party candidates that are on the ballot, we're actually voting for a slate of electors. That's true in other states also.

Usually when we vote for a Republican, Democrat or a third party the parties themselves will have a slate of electors who will actually cast their vote for President & Vice President. By convention and not law they will vote for their party's candidates. This doesn't always happen as the US Supreme Court had to settle the issue of "faithless electors" who choose not to vote for their pledged candidates for President & Vice President.

Either way people have been complaining about this system for years enshrined in our US Constitution. Illinois has current 20 votes - and since we're in a census year that can change. Those 20 electoral votes are a combination of our 18 congressional seats - and if this state loses enough population  we might go down one congressional district - and our two US Senate seats. That's true for every state and the District of Columbia although they're represented in Congress by a single non-voting delegate in the US House of Representatives, however, they have three electoral votes as if their represented by two US Senators.

Either way the argument you might have heard is that in support of the Electoral College is that if we went to full popular vote only certain regions or states will determine the next President of the United States. So they might frequently cite New York, Massachusetts or California where most likely candidates will have to campaign hardest in to win the election. Meanwhile they may ignore the rest of the country including god-forbid Illinois.

Another argument about the electoral college is from what happened in 2016 which I will also share with you from Mr. Beat. President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence won the election over former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and US Senate Tim Kaine in the electoral college, however, Trump/Pence lost the popular vote to Clinton/Kaine. 2016 wasn't the first time this happened, you might remember something like this happened in 2000 with Bush vs. Gore and there was a whole Supreme Court case about that. Bush won in the electoral college ultimately, however, he lost the popular vote.

Which brings up another state, we have essentially 50 states & Washington, D.C. maintaining separate elections. So if you're concerned about some states getting ignored consider how President Trump won, he knew which states he could win vs those he probably couldn't. It surprised observers when he won Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Those are shockers because they normally vote blue in Presidental elections and are referred to as part of the blue wall.

I also want you to note this isn't the first time I shared a video about the electoral college here.

Regardless, let's hear it from you. Is it time the United States of America ditch the electoral college? Do you think it remains relevant in presidential elections?

Friday, October 23, 2020

Mr. Beat: If every President took the political compass test


[VIDEO] Mr. Beat is a social science or social studies teacher. His YouTube channel covers a number of social studies topics as history, politics, or even Supreme Court "briefs". 

In today's video he plays like the 44 men who have held the office of the Presidency - and yes that include our current President Donald J. Trump - and takes a political compass test. It's an online quiz designed to show you where you stand politically. Feel free to take it yourself and for fun since it's not a perfect test and it might not be entirely realistic.

I think next week I want to share with you the 2016 election from Mr. Beat. Just to set up what's coming on Nov. 3, 2020. It's a project that he did fairly recently.

Started a new project

 I started another blog Ninth Ward Chicago I imagine it will have a shelf life on some level, however, its a way to keep track of some local politics better than I had over at The Sixth Ward which I feel needs a new direction at this point.

I've decided not to allow comments there unfortunately, however, if you have any feedback feel free to share here.

At one point this blog was intended to become a Ninth Ward blog, however, I've since changed my mind on this.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The mad-mad-mad-mad world of niche sports....

 I just wanted to share this article. There are some parents out there obsessed with getting their children into a top tier college. They're getting them ready early, but then do children not deserve their childhoods.

I don't have children but I don't mind they get involved with sports, however, my hope is that they enjoy playing and they should decide if they should do this for their livelihoods or to get into a top-tier school.

This quote kind of grinded my gears a tad:

On paper, Sloane, a buoyant, chatty, stay-at-home mom from Fairfield County, Connecticut, seems almost unbelievably well prepared to shepherd her three daughters through the roiling world of competitive youth sports. She played tennis and ran track in high school and has an advanced degree in behavioral medicine. She wrote her master’s thesis on the connection between increased aerobic activity and attention span. She is also versed in statistics, which comes in handy when she’s analyzing her eldest daughter’s junior-squash rating—and whiteboarding the consequences if she doesn’t step up her game. “She needs at least a 5.0 rating, or she’s going to Ohio State,” Sloane told me.
What's wrong with Ohio State? Why this pursuit of an Ivy League education? Don't get me wrong if you get in you're set, however, there are plenty of great schools to attend out there - like Morehouse for instance. :P

Another quote from this article I found:
In 1988, the University of California sociologist Harry Edwards published an indictment of the “single-minded pursuit of sports” in Black communities. The “tragic” overemphasis on athletics at the expense of school and family, he wrote in Ebony magazine, was leaving “thousands and thousands of Black youths in obsessive pursuit of sports goals foredoomed to elude the vast and overwhelming majority of them.” In a plea to his fellow Black people, Edwards declared, “We can simply no longer permit many among our most competitive and gifted youths to sacrifice a wealth of human potential on the altar of athletic aspiration.”

Thirty years later, in a twist worthy of a Jordan Peele movie, Fairfield County has come to resemble Compton in the monomaniacal focus on sports. “There’s no more school,” a parent from the town of Darien told me flatly. (She, like Sloane and several other parents, did not want to be identified for privacy and recruitment reasons.) “There’s no more church. No more friends. We gave it all up for squash.” She says she is working on a memoir that she intends to self-publish, titled Squashed.

This article went from obsessions of college admissions to obsessions with sports. I guess families have their obsessions with getting what's best for the young people. 

Parents, what's your read on this?

h/t Newsalert