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DISCLAIMER: This blog isn't officially connected to Bennett-Shedd Elementary Schools. The only connection is that the writer of this blog is a former student & alum of those schools. If you wish to contact Bennett & Shedd Schools refer to the letterhead below. Thanks in advance.
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That being said this blog started when I found that Shedd School was no longer listed on the CPS website or even in the papers when the standardized test scores were disclosed. Also note that as of 2013 Shedd School branch of Bennett is now closed and property currently for sale!

These days the purpose of this blog has changed from one that talks about only Bennett-Shedd or education issues to more of a nieghborhood focus due to the 2012 remap. Refer to the 2015 elections page to see the results for 9th Ward Alderman from February 2015.

Below is a map via of the 9th ward and you may consider this blog something of a "ninth ward blog". You may consider this a sister blog to!