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Thursday, November 16, 2023

AT&T Pitch Video: Saul Bass Belly System redesign


[VIDEO] Before about 1984, all phone service was run by AT&T known as the Bell System. What you see here is a proposed - actually it went through - redesign of the Bell System's design identity.

This is a very interesting video. Saul Bass is well known as a designer known for his design of movie titles in addition to some corporate designs such as the one he's pitching to the AT&T Bell System.

So some aspects of his proposed designs were seen on telephone books (do they still publish those?) and on telephone bills, etc. Of course things do change as time marches on.

There is no Bell System, and we're not only communicating via land lines any longer. There are various companies that provide cell phone service. Although AT&T still exists in a different form and yet another company that came out of the break up of the Bell System, Verizon.

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