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Monday, August 28, 2023

Bob Barker R.I.P. 🙏

When Alex Trebek passed away I noted that he seemed to be a constant presence thanks to his role as being host of Jeopardy! Although to be honest I didn't totally understand Jeopardy! when I was younger, therefore I hardly really watched the show. However that program was such a pop culture icon.

And then there's Bob Barker. Although I fell off of my fandom for The Price is Right it was a show I did watch often. In fact my dad was a huge fan. It was probably a sad day when Barker retired and made some reappearances to the program he started hosting in 1972. In fact there was an April's Fools Day episode that he hosted a few years ago [VIDEO]

I wish I could say that I watched his very last season in 2006-07. It was certainly the end of an era when he left the show. And it's hard to believe he was only 99 years old when he passed away. He's had a long career in TV and he was well known for his pitch to control the pet population and have pets spade or neutered. He was very passionate about animals.

And now another part of my childhood watching TV has gone on to that great beyond. At least we still have the memories available on YouTube

And the above meme, how appropriate.

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