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Friday, April 2, 2021

Mr. Beat asks "Why do we work 40 hours per week?"


[VIDEO] We go from hunter/gatherers to farming to the Industrial Revolution. And the Industrial Revolution was definitely a difficult era long hours to manufacture goods and products in a factory. Mr. Beat talks about the creation of unions and how we eventually get weekends and more manageable work schedules.

Of course he seems to editorialize and discusses in what ways do school teachers not have it easy workwise. And how employers get leverage to treat their employees like "crap". And we do get a picture how during the heat of the Industrial Revolution how harsh conditions were.

Children and wives were forced to work when the men or husbands of the house weren't able to work due to a workplace related injuries. There weren't a lot of safety nets nor any workman's compensation once upon a time. And yet in our society you still got to keep a roof over your head and most important you still have to eat.

There is a Chicago connection to Mr. Beat's lesson. He discusses the Haymarket affair. You can visit the site near Randolph and Jefferson where there is a memorial to this incident in 1886. In this incident seven people were killed when a bomb was set off, it's also considered a very deadly day for Chicago Police even to this day. We still don't know who set off the bomb however a number of people were executed for their role in this incident.

As an aside, Marathon Pundit recently discussed a memorial that was originally in the Haymarket area until 1972. It's really a memorial to the police officers who were killed in that incident and according to John Ruberry it's considered endangered. The memorial itself is said to be located at the new police headquarters at 35th & State.

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