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Friday, April 9, 2021

Meet some of the last papyrus paper makers


[VIDEO] Why is this of interest to me?

Well back in the 6th grade a teacher Ms. Henson had us do an assignment where we make our own papyrus. We separated a two-ply facial issue and dipped it in a bowl mixed with school glue and water. We would then take those pieces of tissue, we probably squeezed them as those people in the video above did and then place them on a piece of wax paper.

I think we could write on them although there wasn't much success with that on my end. It was such a cool exercise that years later I tried it again at home. Separated two ply Kleenex facial tissue dipped them in school glue water and then place the results on facial tissue.

Using the techniques seen in this vide they use a press to squeeze out water and then place them in between piece of cardboard to further dry the papers. And it's amazing that the papyrus plant was nearly extinct until an academic was able to replant papyrus in Egypt. It's also amazing that while papyrus was used for anything from shopping lists to legal documents over 5,000 years ago that in this video we see it's use as a medium for artwork.

It's also amazing that the making of papyrus is a sort of tourist attraction in Egypt.

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