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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Want to see a livecam of Chicago trains

 Via the Steel Highway YouTube Channel

We can start with this view of the Ogilvie Transportation Center. Metra trains leaving that station and watching CTA's Green & Pink line trains leaving the Clinton Station nearby. [VIDEO]

This view is looking east along Lake Street. We're looking at trains coming to and from Clark & Lake and possibly looking at trains entering and leaving the loop via Wells Street.  [VIDEO]

In this live stream we see trains leaving Ogilvie and yet another track at grade, those track at grade (on the ground as opposed to elevated) are leaving Union Station. You will see more Metra trains and Amtrak trains especially the Hiawatha & Empire Builder on those ground level tracks. [VIDEO]

And finally here we're looking at the elevated track from Ogilvie and that means more Metra trains [VIDEO]

It's very cool to see a live look out of downtown Chicago

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