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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Retro Tech is back with an episode on teleportation


[VIDEO] Sitting on this Saturday morning I see that Marques Brownlee has released another season of his YouTube original series Retro Tech. Just got through watching an episode on flying cars/hoverboard and what you see here is an episode on "teleporting".

And think about it, have you seen Star Trek? What you see on that program is teleportation. Basically converting matter into energy and teleporting it elsewhere to reconvert it into matter. That's basically what a "transporter" on the starship Enterprise does.

As a matter of fact, Brownlee has guests look under their chair and they see the focus of the episode. In this case a toy transporter which is actually merchandise from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Just like the episode on flying cars which went from the idea of an aerial personal vehicle to a hoverboard, this goes from actual teleporting to virtual reality. It's really interesting to discuss future technologies and concepts.

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