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Monday, March 1, 2021

Home Management: Buying Food


[VIDEO] I wonder how many generations of home economics students watch this film in a classroom. When I was in high school one of my teachers stated that home economics were obsolete. The only thing I knew about home ec. is that a classmate was bragging on a taco he made and ate in class.

I wonder how many students have no clue about how to efficiently use their funds. Sometimes I'm not as smart with my money, however, I'm learning. One thing that would be very important about home ec. is certainly personal finance.

Perhaps part of home ec. if you ever teach about this in school is to show them how to manage your funds when you're in college. In real life outside of a college campus you have to manage your funds to pay other bills such as rent/mortgage, utilities, car notes, etc.

Of course as this video states part of personal finance is to avoid impulse buying of foods. Buy items that you're not likely to waste later. And especially consider the quality of the foods you're buying.

BTW, in lieu of home ec. we had a unit in "consumer education" which would often be taught within a social studies course (yes I'm talking about the 1990s I don't know what they do in 2021). To be fair our teacher at Harlan - Go Falcons - a man by the name of Mr. Ross at Harlan who taught my psychology class did the best he could with what we're supposed to learn, however, it just went over my head to be honest.

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