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Thursday, March 11, 2021

A student with a ZERO GPA...


[VIDEO] When I was at Harlan I saw an article it was possibly in the Chicago Sun-Times or perhaps another lesser known newspaper, however, I saw in that article that in another high school in the city - possibly somewhere on the north and west sides if I recall - showed me something unusual. I thought it was a scandal at the time that this high school's valedictorian and salutatorian GPA didn't even break 3.0 they were still within the 2.0 range and if I recall correctly may not have even reached 2.5....

Now in this case dude isn't at a 1.0 and he didn't half want to come to class. Mother had no real idea where he was in school. And this is a systemic problem students aren't learning, they're not coming to class. In a school over 400 students only two were proficient in Math and English. Perhaps at that Chicago high school long ago this was the same situation.

I reiterate what I said over a month ago about plans by NYC's public schools to eventually eliminate their top programs for the best students. These are what public education needs to fulfill their mission, and as for these other schools that aren't able to do the job something has to be done with them. The idea of compulsory education isn't going away soon, but it makes no sense to have our young people sent to schools where they're woefully unprepared for the real world.

Anthony Brian Logan will get very upset at the school and the mother of this child that's failing at school and he really can't contain his temper.

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