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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Live railroad webcam in Galesburg, Illinois

[VIDEO] I had talked about Illinois as a vast state beyond the Chicago metropolitan area. Try Galesburg, Illinois which is over two hours outside of Chicago. Actually it's closer to the Iowa state line than it is to even Naperville.

This live webcam is provided by Virtual Railfan and unless they find a sponsor it will be taken down in just about a whole month. The cam itself is located near the Amtrak station there and here's a bit more information about what you might see there:
Galesburg is on the Chicago Division/Ottumwa, Mendota & Brookfield Subdivisions. Amtrak trains that pass through include the California Zephyr, Southwest Chief, Carl Sandburg, and Illinois Zephyr.
I might have to share this with you later, however, Virtual Railfan also has a webcam in Quincy, Illinois which is another city close to the Illinois state line closest to the Missouri state line.

If you want to check out Amtrak schedules the best bet right now is to check out the Amtrak train tracker. As I write this schedules from the Amtrak website is largely unavailable owing to the pandemic and how Amtrak has to adjust to reduced schedules since we had been at a time reduced travel. I'm sure that as the weather gets nice and pandemic hospitalization, infections, deaths, etc has improved more people with some preventative measures will likely travel.

I also want to add, surely things will open up further once we figure out how to treat this virus and/or we are able to produce a successful vaccine for this coronavirus. Time will have to tell, but I'm looking forward to the day when we come out of this pandemic.

Meanwhile I hope you would consider a subscription to Virtual Railfan to see a number of live webcams around the nation.

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