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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Educational family vacation still an unexcused absence

If only I could do for my kids what this father did for his in running the Boston Marathon and noting Boston's importance in American history. Alas, his school district didn't appreciate that and apparently according to state law in Pennsylvania those absenses were considered unexcused.

I understand his frustration although I don't yet have children and therefore no need to take anyone out of school. Who knows if CPS could be flexible probably not since well most public school bureaucrats are known for making similar decisions. We only know about this one because this father made it public.

Which reminds me of many stories I've heard over the years where parents go up against the public school bureaucracy. Government agencies in general may have some stringent processes and when it comes to what a parent believes is best for their children even more stringent. Unfortunately in this case, this father ran into this stringent process with no flexibility.

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