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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

So what's in a name part 2

Notice the header up top. In the past this is what you would've seen at the top. Except I made some changes to reflect the current purpose of this blog.

Sometimes, you narrow the focus of a project so narrowly that it only opens it up to expansion to other subjects. I could just focus on education and Shedd School, but then how much news could I uncover especially if I lose focus on education.

So now this isn't a blog about Shedd School, but a "ninth ward" blog. It seems appropriate since we're in election season and I've been posting videos, mailers, and even candidate forums. There is more to discuss.

While I've toyed with just calling this place Shedd School or Public School, I've finally made the decision. The official name of this blog hasn't changed John G. Shedd Public School and for the moment the subheader is now A "ninth ward" blog.

Should this stick or should it always be tweaked?

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