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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Years!

To end 2013, we're going to once again reign in the New Year 2014 with Charlie Brown and his Peanuts gang. You know I'm bad with these specials, last night Charlie Brown did have a New Year's special on last night and I never tuned in. I'm sure there were also other specials for Christmas and Thanksgiving that I never tuned in for.

I got to stop that or at the very least use iTunes and watch them in the future so that another broadcast will never be missed. In fact I have been thinking about getting one of those Apple TV devices so that whatever programs or films purchased through iTunes will be seen on my TV set. That'll be in the future though.

Also in 2014, next month I plan on posting a blog about where I want to really take this place. There's one post ready to go although hey it's not as much as a direction as it could be an idea.

Other than that Happy New Year's everyone and a successful 2014.

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