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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pullman poised for a revival

[VIDEO] I've talked about Pullman on this blog in the past it's near Bennett School and now more shopping options here on the South Side with a Walmart schedule to open today. The story you see above from CBS 2 Chicago illustrates a rebirth of this historic neighborhood that was once a planned community. A company town that once produced many railroad cars once upon a time.

In addition thanks to the neighborhood's history there are calls to turn it into a National Park according to another article from CBS. It reached a milestone when the National Park Service said that the Pullman Historic District is worthy of becoming a National Park. In addition to being a planned company town it was also home to a major labor movement involving Black Americans that was formed amongst the Pullman Porters who once served on the sleeping cars of many American railroads.

Between Walmart and possibly becoming a National Park, Pullman may well be on the way up!

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