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Saturday, December 17, 2011

LSC meeting on my birthday...

This month's LSC meeting was held at Bennett School's auditorium. Hence the picture of this mural near the doors of the auditorium. This mural is one of several. One day I need to ask permission to photograph them. They should be treated as treasures.

Anyway, the issue of an extended school day came up. I believe it was mentioned in the media where the transition to an extended school day would occur in 2012-2013, the next school year. Concerned revolves around safety as students may be forced to travel to and from school during times when it's dark. Students would be expected to spend 7.5 hours at school under an extended school day.

Since it's going to happen next year, individual schools are expected to come up with a plan for how to conduct their extended school day. Of course CPS HQ can either adjust, advice, or reject the plans by the schools.

Also three parents stepped forward to express interest in an opening for LSC parent representative. One of them was a male and currently two males serve on the LSC. They all gave statements to those in attendance and then the LSC went into a closed session to consider the candidates.

I wish that they had their meetings in the auditorium but booo to no refreshments being served. They need to work on that. ;)

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