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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

EveryBlock page for Rosemoor

Yeah so on my other blog, The Sixth Ward, I had started a page using the EveryBlock widget that contains any data such as real estate, crime, media reports, even permit information for the 6th Ward district. Here on this blog I chose to have a more neighborhood centric page from where Bennett/Shedd schools reside.

According to EveryBlock the neighborhood where Bennett/Shedd resides is Rosemoor, however, we're talking about two neighborhoods split by I-94 between north and south. Therefore there are actually two distinct neighborhoods within this Rosemoor district.

Roseland Heights basically is north of the Calumet (Bishop Ford) Expressway. Borders are roughly the tail end of the Dan Ryan to the Calumet Expressways (both are also referred to as I-94) on the south and west. 95th Street and King Drive to the north and East.

Rosemoor is south of the Calumet Expressway (I-94) and using the rough borders from EveryBlock is Michigan Avenue on the west to 107th on the south and then Cottage Grove on the East.

In any event now here is a page to check out how the old neighborhood is faring around the beloved school!

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