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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bennett/Shedd Elementary Wesbite

Go to

There isn't much going on there. Not a lot of information, but it does appear to have info on  pre-school programs. I wish there was more about the school itself. On top of that there should be a much better website.


  1. HI I have a son who goes to John G. Shedd. I know this is wierd but I was wondering if I can get some information for this school, I am deployed to Iraq and he is living with his father thier in chicago. All I have is a school name from my son. I tried to google but this website is really the only thing that comes up. I have asked him for the information but he isnt forth coming with information. Just need a number or address for this elementary school. Thank you for any help you can give me.
    Jessica C. Mason

  2. I attend bennett elementary. I am glad to say that the class of 2011, always puts their best foot foward. Some people may think that what we do is not so great. But I disagree, as long as we try our hardest, and shoot for the stars we will always be great. And thats something I think everyone should no about my school.=D!!! And R.I.P to our principal MRS.Ellis she will always be apart of the class of 2011. Do to the fact that we are her last 8th grade class. love much ~Ms.Brown