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Friday, November 20, 2009

Photos of Bennett School

I came by on two different days. One was still a school day and I didn't do as much only because there were either students being let out of Corliss on East 103rd Street or there were parents picking up students in front of Bennett. That day was cloudy, but I went back out on Veteran's and the sun was out and made for some nice pics.

Dates of note at Frank Ira Bennett School

The door to the extreme left is to the auditorium the other door to the right is the main entrance. That should take you close to the main office.

Here's the rest of the school! Below is a closeup of the main entrance.

This is the entrance to the schools gynasium.

The next two pictures are of the campus park and the plaque on Prairie Avenue. There used to be a concrete field and a field house here. In recent years however the concrete field and field house has given way to grass and a track. This campus park even has a bench.

Coming up next is some details. I cropped some pictures so that you can see how nice this school really is architecturally. The heraldry and gargolyles only remind me of what you may find at any of the Ivy League schools. You can find them at University of Chicago probably, but I though Harvard or Yale University.

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