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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More pics outside of Shedd Branch and Bennett School pics coming soon

Dates for other events at Shedd this month!

BTW, I got some pictures of Bennett School, Shedd's BIG sister school. I hope that I'll have some to present in the next few days.

Also, a teacher peer out of her window on the third floor to inquire why I was taking pictures. It was an awkward convo to say the least. I had to look up and we had to literally yell at each other to be heard. Unfortunately Bennett has no website address and I never was gave the lady a way to be able to see these future pictures.

She asked if I was going to develop them and I said that these pictures were digital I can send them via e-mail. Of course it was always possible that I may have been running afoul of some unknown rule, but for right now I have no way of knowing that.

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