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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

John Stossel: Woke colleges vs. testing


[VIDEO] The argument here is whether or not colleges should dispense with the SAT or ACT in order to provide for an ethnically diverse student body. There are cases out there involving the discrimination of Asian students from getting admitted and attending some of America's more elite universities.

One interesting fact noted high school GPA and test scores help to determine college success. More so than just relying on tests or GPA. 

On diversity. Well I think it's OK to insure that students of a variety of backgrounds can get into the colleges of their choice. I'm not only talking race or ethnicity, let's include economic background which is something we do need to discuss as tuition continues to go up. Either way you can accept a student who won't be successful in some colleges or you can reject a student who isn't likely to be successful in some colleges. When you reject that student they can go somewhere so that they can be successful, and perhaps more affordable also.

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