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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


The Badger

I'm going to justify this for a moment. For the years that I attended Bennett-Shedd we were known as badgers. In recent years I learned that the mascot has been changed to the PRIDE. Regardless as someone who attended grade school in a different era I will always consider myself a badger.

To be sure it took me years to appreciate being a badger until the realization that changes were made. It was something that was taken for granted and then I did the one most students should do graduate and move on.

Years ago this blog was started in a dorm room at Morehouse because the school where I started my education career - Shedd School - was no longer listed independently even if it was a branch school of a larger elementary school. It's really hard to say what the point of this blog was supposed to be although that has recently changed in recent years.

I've experimented with re-branding this blog over the years. The header on occasion may only have John G. Shedd, Shedd School, or even Public School in the header. As a subtitle recently you have seen "A 'ninth ward' blog".

Here are my thoughts.

What if I purchased a domain similar to and use Perhaps I could also do or or - although I do not represent an organization at all. Perhaps I can also do a variation of badgercity or badgertown as a domain name. Perhaps give this blog a badger title and in one main respect dispense with the Shedd School branding.

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