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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

facebook me!
Years ago someone on fb was able to contact me regarding an opportunity to start an alumni organization for Bennett-Shedd School. This was a while ago, however, times have changed. Then I responded to that message somewhat coolly because it certainly came out of nowhere and I never posted my fb information here.

That changes this week. This doesn't mean well be fast friends of course, but as to whether or not you want me to feel comfortable around you is entirely up to you. You're always free to say hello or what not.

Another idea I have considered is whether or not this Shedd School/Public School blog needs it's own fb page. I have some experience with The Sixth Ward and it's various social networking wings so that shouldn't be too difficult to accomplish. Feel free to let me know if that interests you although there are fb groups for past and present students of Bennett/Shedd School.

Also, this has become something of a "9th Ward Blog" lately as Bennett-Shedd is located within that city council district. So it's probably OK to start compiling groups for that purpose as well.

In the meanwhile feel free to facebook me. I have a badge at the top of the sidebar and you can also find me via the email address - itsmymind @ - also in sidebar.

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