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Thursday, January 15, 2015

So what's in a name anyway?

Bennett School
I wrote a post wonder what should be the purpose of this blog. Is it an education or neighborhood blog?

At first this blog was about Bennett-Shedd School. Then it became about education and lately it's more of a neighborhood type blog. Is there an identity crisis here?

Well to be honest I haven't really paid too much attention to education issues. While our young people do deserve to get a good education, it doesn't help that I do not have children of my own. That probably keeps my focus more away from education issues and largely just follow the news on that anyway.

This blog has been more at time autobiographical than anything else. My experiences in the education system will remain important here. I've had some good moments and some bad moments - at that high school would be consider one of my bad moments in the education system.

All the same more and more I've been considering some neighborhood issues. Shedd School has been closed for over year and the neighborhood doesn't want the building to remain vacant. What should be it's future.

Indeed in the coming weeks I would like to explore further the future of our part of the south side. There are historic neighboods here that have been prosperous in the past, however, are struggling currently today. What should the future of these neighborhoods - such as Roseland & Pullman.

So in 2015, we're going to be developing some content that hopefully will be worth sharing here. Hopefully this could be a school blog and that's the greatest product Bennett-Shedd School could've ever provided.

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