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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Should there be links for local businesses here?

I had this idea for this blog. While it's not exactly heavily trafficked, it just hits me that this blog could be as much a neighborhood blog as it is for the school that partially made me who I am. So the idea here is whether or not neighborhood businesses should have links on this blog.

I could include many nearby businesses on this blog. I could include two local banks with a neighborhood presence mainly Seaway Bank & Trust and Urban Partnership Bank (they have a branch in the Pullman Walmart store). Over the years I have shared events that involve Seaway Bank especially with their Kidsfest program held every July. Also should I limit links only to neighborhood banks why not include such major banks as Chase or US Bank who also have branches in the area?

Also, is it OK to include the Chatham 14 Theaters - soon to become a Studio Movie Grill in the near future in the links? It would be included because it's the only movie theaters located nearby in the city. Over the years many events that go on there have been posted here even when they were under the black-owned ICE Theaters chain.

Walmart recently opened in the nearby Pullman neighborhood is a national retail chain and therefore the question is should a national chain be included? If Walmart is listed, then why not Walgreen's or Target (another business located much further north in Chatham and is the only store nearby in the city). Of course there are several Walgreen's located nearby the neighborhoods where Bennett/Shedd are located.

BTW, I almost forgot the add that Target did a makeover in the library of a neighborhood school in Chatham back in October 2012.

Of course the possibilities are endless as to what businesses with a internet presence should have links here. The next question to ask is what do I hope to accomplish by compiling such a listing here?

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