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Monday, April 22, 2013

Bennett School song

If you graduated from Bennett at least within the last 20 years or so if not very recently you may have sung this song. My time in elementary school well when teachers had to make copies they didn't always use a xerox copier they may have used a facsimile device that might give off a strong aroma because of the chemicals used to produce copies. The image I'm going to show you is of the song, however, some parts of it are cut off.

In the fourth line off to the side that should be halls. All other cutoff words should be easily determined.

Also when I graduated from Kindergarten there was a song for Shedd School that we sung. Not sure where to start to even find that. It was TOO long ago and long lost like my KG diploma. :(


  1. That looks like Mrs Chandlers handwriting

  2. That name rings a bell as she was my 1st Grade teacher.