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Monday, September 10, 2012

Looks like we have a strike...

[VIDEO] You know I barely remember the last strike. I saw on our local Fox affiliate clips from back in 1987 which was the last strike in Chicago and with quotes from then Mayor Harold Washington and the teacher union leader from back then. The last labor strife I do remember was when school was delayed a week back when I was in the 8th grade. School started a week after Labor Day that year.

Anyway, the Chicago Public Schools have provided a listing of services during the teachers strike. Places for our young people while CPS and the teacher's union continue to hammer out more details. As you see in the video above Chicago Teacher's Union President Karen Lewis talks about those issues where the two parties were far apart.

You know in looking at this, I often wonder where my 8th grade teacher is. He seemed very outspoken on teacher's union issues and about politics in general. It wasn't too difficult to find out where his political leanings were. And at that I found out years later that he represented Bennett-Shedd for the teacher's union.

FYI, Bennett-Shedd is located in zipcode 60628 and there are a few places that provide services during the strike. Hopefully in the near future (preferably tomorrow) where I can list them all. You can also check out this posting over at The Sixth Ward.

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