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Saturday, December 12, 2009

More pictures oustide of Bennett

I was there the day after Thanksgiving. Took some more pictures of the shields that adorn the school on both sides. It almost seems like a gothic or Ivy League school with all the gargoyles and seals on campus. It almost reminds me of Harvard or Yale.

This box if a fire alarm. This looks like an old-school device and who knows if it's even still used today.

These are the two seals for this school. They will repeat as on either side there are four seals and they alternate. The gargoyles will be holding the seal

This is the side entrance. No details necessary as well there is no lettering above the door and there isn't much difference between any of the gargoyles that you will find on any of the schools entrances. Whether to the auditorium, gymnasium, or either of the front doors to the school.

This is the new campus park. There used to be a playset and a field house. In addition there was once a concrete "baseball diamond" complete with a "batting cage". Neither are still there any longer.

Like most parks there are a set of lights along the periphery or at least along the paths. I almost wonder why there was a need to set up parks at public schools around the city. The only other one I'm aware of is at McDade although in that case it's in the back of the school off of it's south Indiana Avenue location.

There will be more pictures later! It's about more desecration, but not necessarily the same as what I found over at Shedd in the summer of 2008.

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