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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What about this Bennett School?

Since Shedd School is a branch of Bennett what about this school?

Here's some info on

To start that school has been around since 1927. See this picture the surrounding neighborhood had yet to be built around this place. So the next question: For whom is this school named?
Frank Ira Bennett was born on October 17, 1858 in Galva, Illinois and educated in the Chicago Public Schools. In 1884 he became a member of Bennett and Higgins, a law firm that specialized in real estate transactions. In 1892, members of the firm brought a case before the United States Supreme Court and Justice William C. Goudy decided in their favor. In addition to practicing law, Frank I. Bennett served as a Chicago Alderman, the Vice-Chairman of the Chicago Plan Commission, Assessor of the Town of Hyde Park (1888), director of public works for the State of Illinois, a member of the Chicago City Council (1907-1909) and a member of the Chicago Board of Education (1909-1912)

Mr. Bennett and his wife Anna had two sons, Ira F. Bennett and Lewis C. Bennett. Frank I. Bennett died in his home on Chicago’s South Side on December 20, 1925. He is buried in Oak Woods Cemetery.
There's even a nice campus park that was built at the site of the school. You can check it out over at the Public Building Commission of Chicago.

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  1. I attended Bennett school from 1940 to 1947. Most all of the faculty , principal, vice principal and teachers were nice Irish ladies. Great school.