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Monday, December 9, 2019

"No Safe Spaces" with Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager

[VIDEO] I saw this documentary over the weekend which features two figures one more in the entertainment realm who has a well-known podcast named Adam Carolla  a comedian who in a different time hosted The Man Show with Jimmy Kimmel. And the other figure is a man named Dennis Prager who not only has a popular YouTube channel and he's also a conservative radio host.

This documentary takes aim at what's going on college campuses. It especially notes the disturbances on college campuses and it seems the lack of diversity of thought on college campuses could threaten our larger society. Indeed as one professor noted in this documentary the college students of today will become future leaders of American society whether in business, entertainment, or even politics.

I suppose we could talk about the issue of free speech when it comes to these campuses. It's definitely one thing to attack issues that most Americans do believe are troubling such as racism or sexism. It's utterly troubling when using those isms that many of us consider abhorrent as a way to attack other ideas.

So to find students deciding to take over a campus in search for a professor they take issue with, to tell a professor that you want his job taken from them because a student doesn't want to have a discussion about some of their ideas, to engage in rioting on a campus because a speaker you take issue with is coming to campus or to outright assault someone who's part of a group to which you're opposed. We're exploring most of that in this documentary.

Ahh safe spaces, I'm unclear on the concept to be honest. I suppose if these are for groups who might want to advocate for themselves that's fine. However for the purposes of this documentary what is being conveyed is that there are safe spaces from some ideas. Should we be safe from different and new ideas?

I think about this now, when I was at Morehouse I reflexively had an issue with communism. My frame of reference was the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, or Cuba which are basically oppressive authoritarian dictatorships. I was caught off guard when one of the young men I met at school had to ask me if I read The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx which I did before graduating. I suppose I couldn't be safe from having to actually read up upon that subject which has a number of adherents.

When it was time to graduate from high school, I had no idea of the point. It was in my head to go to college and get a good job. College is the time to explore different ideas especially if you plan to study a field that allows you to academically look at different ideas. That's what this documentary explores, however, if the students and some of the professors are effectively only trying to promote some ideas is college actually serving its purpose?

I recommend you check out this documentary.

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