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Monday, April 22, 2013

Bennett School song

If you graduated from Bennett at least within the last 20 years or so if not very recently you may have sung this song. My time in elementary school well when teachers had to make copies they didn't always use a xerox copier they may have used a facsimile device that might give off a strong aroma because of the chemicals used to produce copies. The image I'm going to show you is of the song, however, some parts of it are cut off.

In the fourth line off to the side that should be halls. All other cutoff words should be easily determined.

Also when I graduated from Kindergarten there was a song for Shedd School that we sung. Not sure where to start to even find that. It was TOO long ago and long lost like my KG diploma. :(

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Are you interested in the weather?

I was in the third grade when my parents first got cable TV. Back then it wasn't Comcast, however, even then my eyes was on The Weather Channel. It was the first time I learned about tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. Most of the time it had me scared and my parents wasn't worried.

Then one day The Weather Channel offered products weather instruments that would allow young people to learn more about weather. Today the products are more digital in nature. One of the instruments that caught my eye was the rain guages which are used to measure the amount of precipitation.

Sometimes I still think about getting a rain gauge but I never quite pull the trigger. There are other instruments to buy that will allow anyone to check out the weather. We could all just find a thermometer to determine the outside temperature at your home. Then there are much more expensive weather instruments that could check anything from wind, temperature, precipitation, to even humidity.

When I started this blog one of the things I did here was place a weather widget in the sidebar. Weather will affect the young people in someway especially the snow and school could be closed due to snow. And today's weather well I'm sure that affected a lot of people in addition to school students.

Still I wonder if there's a young person out there who is as interested in the weather as I had been in the past. Even then one need not be a meteorologist - even the TV variety - to remain interested. The weather is interesting even if you aren't professionally trained!

At least I know Home Depot provides some of these products, especially rain gauges!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Ward Room: Why Elites Don't Think Public Schools Important To City's Future

I find this article from our local NBC affiliate quite depressing. It's an opinion, but it's quite sad that we see CPS graduates as nothing more than lower level workers and that's where they'll stay!
In this city divided between a small overclass of lawyers, consultants and IT professionals, and a large underclass of cashiers, dishwashers and landscapers, the local elites see the public schools as a training ground for service jobs that require little education. Chicago’s status as a regional hub enables it to poach college graduates from surrounding states, thus allowing the city to maintain an educated class with no public investment.
Close 54 public schools and cram the dispossessed students into overcrowded classrooms? Emanuel, who is Chicago’s quintessential global citizen, knows it won’t affect Chicago’s standing as a global city. Today at 4 p.m. in the Daley Plaza, thousands of students, parents and teachers will rally to keep the schools open. Their voices won’t reach the top of the Richard J. Daley Building. 
This was published on Wednesday and I apologize for not providing more coverage of the school closings that have occurred within the past week. However you can check out the coverage over at The Sixth Ward to see what's going on.

BTW, most of these closings involve mostly underutilized schools and Bennett would've been one of them but Bennett isn't slated for closing. Although I did hear from one of the neighborhood groups that Shedd will close next year.